The Gear We Provide


Gear Ethos

Our ethos is simple, everything we own must be something we absolutely love. The result is a combination of total world-class equipment alongside our favorite quirky and unique pieces. All-killer-no-filler. We recently built some of our own pieces that you won't find anywhere else.


Control Room

DAW - Pro Tools 2021

Plugins - Plugin alliance, WAVES, Melodyne, Slate, PSP Audio plus many more!

Monitors - Dynaudio BM10a's

Console - DDA D Series (32 channel,16 Monitor, 8 Bus)

Sidecar - TL Audio M1 12 channel Tube console

Additional Pres & EQ -

2x CAPI 312 preamps

1x BAE 312 Preamp

Gloly m/s76 dual mono / mid-side compressor

Orban 622 stereo EQ

ART TRP Stereo Tube Preamp

ART MPA II Pro Stereo Tube Preamp

FX - 

Pioneer 202 Spring Reverb

Lexicon Digital Reverb

Various guitar pedals



2x AKG 414 EB - these are a match pair with the brass "C12" capsules 

2x Extinct Audio BM9's - Also a match pair

*Telefunken TF 29 Copperhead 

Oktava ML-19 Cardioid Ribbon Mic (Russian BK5)

Grampian GR2 Ribbon Mic

3x Reslo Ribbon Mics

Neumann TLM 103

Electrovoice RE20

Sure SM7

Sure 55 (1950's original)

4x Sure SM57

Audix D6

AKG 451

2x Byerdynamic 201's

2x Oktava MK 012 (match pair)

*avalible upon request



For the most up-to-date instrument list please just give us a call!​