Fox Den Studios

Home to Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Producer, Mixer Chris G Wilkinson

Founded in 2014, Fox Den recently has undergone a renovation by Chris G Wilkinson, former Chief Engineer of House of Blues Studios, Nashville. Located in the heart of Sheffield's Kelham Island, Fox Den offers world-class expertise and equipment for both local and international talent. Jump to the Contact Section to tell us about your project or book a tour.


What We're About

My vision for Fox Den was to simply not compromise on experience or quality. I have been extremely lucky in my career to work in some of the greatest studios in the world on a regular basis. So while calling Fox Den home I hold the same expectations I would in any other studio. A mentor once told me "engineering should never be noticed, it just needs to happen.." I remember this every session and also apply it to studio design and composition. The spaces we use to create should always inspire and enable never convolute, interrupt or stifle. At the same time let's not forget to get weird! Recording is a discipline with ZERO rules so while we don't want the studio to "get in the way" we should totally utilize it as another instrument. Maybe we want to record all the drums through a guitar amp via a piece of Gouda cheese... awesome we can do that! Maybe you don't know what you want but you want it to sound like nothing else, that's exactly what all the knobs are for!!

Chris G Wilkinson - Lead Producer / Engineer & Manager

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